Supporting Kuwaiti Swimmer Ahmad Al Shatti For Olympics 2016 !

A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.

First of All i’d be honored to write about this extremely amazing guy whom i met a few years ago but we were just an Acquaintance  relationship nothing close or friends, you know normal person who knows him as name but not personally, but as a matter of fact i talked to him the other and started to talk and knowing more about him but i just seem to get closer to him… growing up with no friends was hard for me and now look at me now, i’m thanking god on what i reached and my name to be spread over my business and blog which i’m loving, i actually never had a person that close and talks to me daily randomly with No Salfa but just to ask about me! that’s awesome i hope it reaches new levels haha!

Ahmad Al Shatti is a Kuwaiti Swimmer who’s currently in Arizona, (Thinking of Joining Him, i’m serious prepare a room for me ;P ) who has passion for swimming! and actually he’s my mentor for sports ” Just saying ;P ” , his mind is determined to achieve more, he has won alot of competitions gaining the top 3 but mostly the first place! now i’m Standing and clapping to support him! he encouraged me to Join Archery and i will go to the Olympics inshallah! i will achieve and i will overcome that power!

His Role Model Is Michael Phelps, I can’t blame him for having him as a role model, he’s a high achiever Olympian Gold Medeler ! and I HOPE that Ahmad INSHALLAH Achieves a Gold Medal in the Olympics and especially for the Olympics 2016 that he’s working hard on !

Let’s Just tell you something about myself, when i love someone and write about him in any place especially texting, i write from heart not from brain, i may not have friends at all but i will try my best to find those people and let’s just say Ahmad is one of them and hoping to start a brotherhood not just friends, Arizona be prepared and take care of him(: !

You Go DUDE! I’m Cheering you ALWAYS!!!

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  1. he is my uncle

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