Scientists developed a song that is designed to be relaxing!

Experts from stress specialists to sound therapists have been working on developing a song to relax listeners. The goal is to calm the listener and allow them to relax, perhaps even sleep. The experts worked together with the band Marconi Union in order to create the song “Weightless.” 

It’s rumored to make you so calm that you don’t think twice about falling asleep! The song uses science to create a soothing sound. Elements of sound considered in its creation were “rhythms, tones, frequencies and intervals.” The songs uses a rhythm at 60 BTM, which synchronizes brain waves and the beat of the heart. 

The effect of this synchronization is called entrainment and has an extremely calming effect. This is probably especially true because music in general has an effect on the emotions portion of the brain.

Music can stimulate or relax a person, which is the reason why “Weightless” can have such a huge relaxing effect on listeners. Other relaxing songs to listen to include: Airstream’s “Electric 3,” DJ Shah’s Mellomaniac, or Enya’s Watermark. 


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