4 Of Katy Perry’s Tattoo’s !

Katy Perry’s quirky and original tattoos stand out from other people’s ink choices. Her most strangest is perhaps her ‘Jesus’ wrist tattoo which constantly reminds her on her very religious upbringing. She also has a cute strawberry tattoo on one ankle, and in 2011 added a peppermint swirl with a face to her other ankle. Her most romantic tattoo is one which reads ‘go with the flow’ in sanskrit – her husband at the time Russell Brand has a matching tattoo of this so it clearly has a deep meaning for the former couple – will she get it removed now that they’re no longer together? Take a look at all of Katy’s unique and wonderful body art below!

Anuugacchati Pravaha‘ matching tattoo with Russell Brand on her inner arm

Strawberry ankle tattoo

Peppermint swirl ankle tattoo

Jesus wrist tattoo

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