Different kinds of tea have some amazing non-drinking health uses.

If you’re at the right level of health consciousness (or simply an avid tea drinker) then you’re likely already well acquainted with the health benefits of tea. Green tea can benefit the skin, which is why it’s a common ingredient in many lotions. 

Chilled black tea can be used to cure bad sunburns by applying it to the affected areas. It soothes the skin and can help speed up recovery. Cold chamomile tea is also great for sunburns, specifically the inflammation caused by them as well as other inflammatory irritants like poison ivy. 

For mouth sores, used tea bags are great for speeding up recovery. Black tea is also great for marinating tenderized beef thanks to its tannins. And if you’re ever feeling like the smell in your shoes or gym bag is getting a bit too offensive, dry tea bags work great for absorbing offending scents and replacing them with more pleasant ones. 

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