Interview With Steffan Jude, Sports Management !

Well i got the chance to interview someone interesting while i was in Europe, it’s Steffan Jude Who Studies Sports Management

He’s 25 Years Old who Lives in Germany Near Frankfurt in a place called: Wieseaen, which is in Germany, Works a Summer Job at Hilton Fitness Center that where i was staying and met him ;P

Studying Sports Management and Communication, Sports University In Cologne ( LOVED THAT PLACE ), he had studied 2 Semesters in States, State of New York, he’s got 3 brothers, extremely Good at sports ( saw it with my eyes ) , Good Atmosphere with his Family an does a lot of sports , like a daily base, his favorite sport is Soccer, well it was predicted cuz all the germans love Soccer ;P

Finishing Studies Soon, Planning to Work for 3 Years then Get Masters Degree in what he’s studying, but why did he choose the sports sector? he always wanted to do something in the Sports Sector but not being a Coach or a Personal Trainer but wants more, and from what he’s studying is between economics and sports and CAN earn alot of money with Later on with Life ;P

Germans Sports University, it’s the biggest in Europe and maybe in the world, he enjoys his life, always having fun BUT NEVER AVOIDS FAT FOOD! , he said: ” if you eat it for a while but not daily it will not Affect you, the same as un-healthy drinks “

he mentioned: ” It’s always better to feel after working out, it keeps you in a better mood and more energetic plus makes you more confident on what you’ll look like and just generally helps you feel better! People who tried it out knows the feeling but the people who didn’t i advise them to try it out and you MIGHT get obsessed with it! “

Contact Him for anything related to Sports and He Will Help you, from food to tips to what to do first! he’s an expert in those stuff, just like your personal online trainer.

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