Did you have a fight with one of your relative and you didn’t speak with them since that? 

Did someone hurt you and you can’t forget what they did?
Did you hurt someone and you didn’t say sorry yet?
Don’t you talk to a friend because of a misunderstanding between you both?

If “yes” then now it is your chance to correct this situation before the coming of Ramadan!

It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong
It doesn’t matter if you started that fight or not
Just do it! be the first one who forgive and purify the heart 
Be the one who hastens to forgive people 

Prophet Mohammad (sal-Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “It is not lawful for a man to desert his brother Muslim (and not to talk to him) for more than three nights. (It is unlawful for them that) when they meet, one of them turns his face away from the other, and the other turns his face from the former, and the better of the two will be the one who greets the other first.” [Bukhari: (Book #73, Hadith #100)]

And the most of all, don’t delay it… forgive and forget before the coming of Ramadan because your deeds may not be acceptable in this blessed Month if you have a grudge against someone you know. 
you must know that the deeds of 2 people who have grudge against one another are not raised to Allah in regular days so what about Ramadan?!!

Prophet Mohammad (sal-Allaahu alayhi wa sallam) said:

“The gates of Paradise will be opened on Mondays and on Thursdays, and every servant [of ALLAH] who associates nothing with ALLAH will be forgiven, except for the man who has a grudge against his brother. 

[About them] it will be said: ‘Delay these two until they are reconciled; delay these two until they are reconciled.’ [Muslim: Hadith Qudsi 20 ]

Just turn the page right now and have a fresh start with everyone you know, forgive everyone with no exception.

Enter Ramadan with a forgiving pure heart, in shaa Allah

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  1. agree with everything u said 🙂 Hi Five!

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