New Flavor From Rice Pudding For Ramadan!!

1) Rice pudding Factory released new flavor for ramadan.

Flavor: RoseWater

Toppings: Saffron Cloud and Pistachio ( we always trying to introduce new concept toppings)

We are offering set of 18 mini containers in “Ramadan Box” .


Also we have started delivery, we prefer that customers call for early reservation considering Ramadan traffic.

2) We are offering catering for Ramadan (Ghabgat).

we will be catering for any events including Ramadan Ghabgat with our special light up tray.  Inshallah

we will light up this Ramadan for all customers.   

 As Our customers are our celebrities.


our contact info:

فرع جمعية النزهه ق 3
(بجانب ستاربكس)
تلفون: 55479001
لاي استفسار و خدمة التوصيل و لخدمة الكيترنج

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