Carefree ‘Actifresh’ Huge Advertisement FAIL!

Did She Just Say The ” V ” Word?

The actress in the commercial, is na*ed but for a scattering of flower petals to protect her modesty, says to the camera that ‘even that bit of discharge in between our period is our body working to keep the ” V ” healthy.’

She goes on to say that Carefree pads ‘lock away wetness and odour, helping you to feel dry, clean and fresh every day.’

Outraged People Added:

” Whoa whoa.. whoa! New Carefree advert.. using the word ‘discharge.’ Are we in that place? Are we really in that place???

” Omggggggg the new carefree ad where she talks about discharge and odor ewwwwww”

” Am I the only one who thinks the Carefree ‘discharge’ ad is actually a marketing ploy to get women to buy pads for everyday use? “

& Much More Women Added To The stupid Advertisement! It’s a shame for the company , for being this high and thinking such low !

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