Justin Bieber Is Being Sued For 9.2Million Dollars !

He’s Being Sued for a whopping 9.2 MILLION DOLLARS! for what? By A Woman named Stacy Betts, who says she began suffering serious issues with her hearing following one of beiber’s concerts news on this developing stories broke over at E! and around the world about it and according to the case which was filed 3 days ago , the damage to Betts hearing came after she took her daughter to 2010 Justin Bieber Concert , she adjusted that the Teenager created a quote of sound blast when he hovered over the crowd and asked them to scream, which caused this frenzy of screaming caused the damage…. but in defense Justin says the Crowd and Fans Shout and scream without making any moves , he’s simply walking and being normal the crowd Shouts and Screams of Excitement!

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  1. Go Biieber !!!!! :****

  2. what people would do for money ,its not even his problem its a concert

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