Recipe: Rainbow Slush !

the last few months i have been adding recipes i love to make from Rainbow Dishes and theyre turning out wonderful and loved by the people so thank god to that! i have been doing great in Germany and Holland don’t want to go back home because everthing is amazing here!

.And I promised I’d share the rainbow slush on instagram soon. Guess what? I’m finally ready to share! It’s really easy and inexpensive, and everyone loved it So here goes. You will need: 

Ice Pops, a trifle bowl, scissors, a fork & a small bowl. I got my ice pops are found in eveywhere! we used to eat them when we were kids!

Seperate by color. In these packages there are some colors with two shades, like green and yellow, and then pink and red. I mixed the similar colors together. 

Cut open your tubes and empty into your bowl. 

Next you will take your fork and smash them up so there are no big chunks. You want to try & get it as soft as possible so it spreads evenly. 

Empty the contents of the bowl into your trifle bowl. (notice my little helper sitting on the table?) 

Use your fork to smooth it down evenly. Then you will just repeat with each color. Make sure you put the trifle bowl in the freezer between layers so the colors don’t mix.

You can see that my blue kind of disappeared into the purple because I waited too long to put it in the freezer.
And there you have it! I told you it was easy! I took it out of the freezer a little before I was ready to serve it, so it could soften up just enough to be scooped out. It was a big hit so I will definitely be making this again. Oh, and make sure that when you are done with it, if it’s been sitting in the freezer for awhile (like I don’t know, a week?) so LET IT THAW before trying to clean it. I tried to hurry things along with hot water, and needless to say, the trifle bowl didn’t make it. Oops!
Thank You WendyInFlorida

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