Stunned ! Dudette From @7ajidude Cooks ! #AMAZING! – وصفة دودت من مدونة حجي دود

Ok , i have always known that my lovely Bloggerate / Sister / ( Fashion Icon To ALot Of Peeps ;P) Dudette Didn’t Know How To Cook!

She Said It With Her Own Words : ” I Don’t Know HOW TO COOK! Always FastFood , Much Easier ” & in my opinion? everyone can learn to cook or make normal recipe’s, they’re really easy to make or to do, step by step to achieve a dish in your way, So i was checking @7ajidude‘s Blog as always & got this Post ” My Quick Aero+Flake Cake ! ” , I was like: LOL! Dudette Let’s see what you created, & to be honest? i was impressed! it’s a sign to be in the next level !

So She Said: ” I didn’t lie when I said chef boutique encouraged me to try things at the kitchen  and when i got an email at work from a friend saying you inspired me to cook .. it encouraged me even more   .. and guess what ?? I came up with the quickest yet yummiest Aero+ Flake cake invention !!! It’s fast. so so easy that you can’t forget it .. and so yummy in your tummy kind of cake ! “

Fast Ingredients

I Leave You With Her Beautiful Recipe

– Original Sara Lee ( I made a small size cake so I only needed one)

– Aero chocolate as much as you want

– Butter

– Full Cream


step 1 – cut the Sara lee into squares , not too thick not too thin!

Step 2 – Melt Aero with 2 squares of butter

Step 3 – Once the chocolate melts , Add  a can and a half of Full Cream ( depending on how light you want your Aero melted sauce to be ! some like it milky some like it chocolati .. I like it kind of milky so i added 1 and 1/2 Cream !

Have fun Mixing them together ;)

Step 4- Layer your Sara lee cake on you cake plate , the add a layer of your chocolate mixture

Step 5 – Add another layer of Sara lee cake and top it with the rest of your Aero chocolate mixture!

And your Done !!


Final twist .. and I use my anger management tool! :P

Hit some Flake mars and shatter those pieces everywhere !!


Put it in the fridge for about 2 hours , since it tastes really good and custardy when it’s cold

and trust me it was so so so yummy , it was gone in less than 10 minutes

Lets see what the next dish will be

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  1. Thanx i will try it 

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